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About Us

A Leader in Educational Child Care

A Fast Tortoise

From the beginning, we have known that building YKROK would be an incremental process. From 2002 through 2007, we opened only one centre.

We knew In order to be truly successful, we cannot sacrifice the quality of our educational experience to be more profitable, nor can we be
unprofitable in order to offer higher-quality care. We can’t choose “either/or,” but instead must do “both and more” — great quality and reasonable economic returns. Many of our teachers and directors come out of under-resourced programs, both nonprofit or for-profit, and they can attest to the ways in which chronic budget crises undermine motivation. Likewise, many come from environments in which a focus solely on profitability has led to the degradation of quality and, ultimately, economics. Though the margins in the field are low, we have demonstrated our ability to incrementally improve them by leveraging overhead more effectively as we grow.

Our centers are relatively small economic units with an average of 150 children per centre; they each require a great deal of planning, hiring, and faculty training prior to opening. Each is typically sustained by a client relationship that requires intense focus and attention. We have achieved our growth through building new centres from the ground up, we know that organizations with our quality model and employer-sponsored strategy are few. In the early 2000s, when 0% growth seemed trivial, we followed the Socratic wisdom of “know thyself ” and stayed true to the basic elements of our strategy. We don’t aspire to be the hare, just the fastest tortoise we can be. As a result, we have grown consistently for the last 3 years. We have never had a quarter of declining growth in this entire period. We continue to grow consistently during the recessions of 2008-2009, and the early part of 2010. In our 16 quarters
as a private limited company, we have always met or exceeded our earnings goals.

A Better World

We are uniquely positioned to make the world a better place. Like many companies, we can do this by being a good place for our employees, by helping our clients be great workplaces, and by generating returns for our shareholders. In addition, if we do our work right, we help educate the next generation of scientists, policy makers, teachers, philanthropists, and artists. If our programs, rich in the ethnic Indian and Global diversity that comes from our function as a workplace child care provider, help children overcome racial, religious, and other divisions, we can help create a more peaceful world. We help children learn from the earliest age to resolve conflicts, manage their anger, and empathize with others. We participate in fulfilling the vision of a world of truly equal opportunity by giving all the children we serve a good start in life.


Eight years after the company began, YKROK has achieved many milestones by which we can measure our progress.
We have the highest percentage of corporate centers in India by serving over 100 corporate’s. Each corporate gives us International standards to implement which are very high standards and comparable to a premium child care centre in the US. With seed funding from IBM in 2007, we opened three corporate centres in Bangalore for IBM, and in 2013 have grown to six cities, 35 centres and 4,000 children capacity.

Our corporate client satisfaction scores topped 99%. Like the children we serve, we have grown and developed, and our future is filled with potential.

Seed Funded by IBM Global Work/Life Fund
To learn more about IBM Global Work/Life Fund go to http://www.worldforumfoundation.org/wf/global_leaders/ibm_fund.php

Kaizen Private Equity Invested INR 200 Million in YKROK

Kaizen Private Equity on June 14, 2012 made an investment of INR 200 million in Your Kids R Our Kids (YKROK). The company will utilize the fund to support its pan-India expansion plans over the next three years. YKROK currently has more than 1,500 children across 25 centres in the country. The centres are in partnership with 100 corporates. Early in 2010 the company received INR 100 million in its first round of funding from early-stage VC firm India Venture Partnership (IVP) and seed funding from IBM in 2007.

Looking Ahead

With the day-to-day leadership of YKROK in the able hands of Bharat Kapoor, and Suman Kapoor, and several more operational and project management leadership staff, We are confident that many good days lie ahead.

We are fortunate to have such a capable team leading the company. YKROK’s management strength runs deep. Having been able to sustain growth during the recent economic downturn in 2013, we are positioned extremely well for a strengthening economy. We have used the weakness in the economy to put more distance between ourselves and our competition. We have made aggressive investments even as others have pulled back. We are positioned for more PAN India growth. We have developed new employer niches among IT and financial services companies and are beginning to make progress availing ourselves of Venture Capital funding for early education. We continue to grow and develop our client services team, our corporate tie up practice, our architectural design capabilities, and our new-center development proficiency. Most important, as our core clients’ businesses regain their strength, we are positioned to be their partner in continuing to promote family-friendly workplaces that attract and retain the best talent. Our centres have seen increased enrollment, and we have managed our cost structure. This positions us very well for a strong rebounding Indian economy as demand for services has strengthen and we are achieving even higher levels of occupancy.

Over the next five years, we will continue to innovate to find creative ways to meet the needs of children, employers, and families. And fifteen years from now, the first YKROK graduates may have children of their own learning, growing, and discovering at YKROK child care and early education centers.

We deeply appreciate the support and confidence you have placed in us as an owner of Your Kids ‘R’ Our Kids. We intend to be an organization in which you would not only invest your capital as we grow to become a public company, but also to which you would entrust your children. That is our unique calling.

Bharat and Suman Kapoor
Chairman and CEOs
Your Kids ‘R’ Our Kids co-founders