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YKROK advantages

13 Years Experience

Experience Really is a Great Teacher

Gold Seal Centres

YKROK has worked very hard since 9 years to raise the quality of our program. We have revamped our curriculum and configuration of the classrooms according to international standards. Gold seal centres

Our centres are in the process of getting "certified" and will be awarded a "gold seal", by an American Institute since there is no regulation or accreditation system in India. The value proposition is that this "certification" is positioned as the proxy for quality in India.The training institute is considered the leading provider of high-quality early education resources in the United States today, with the most widely used preschool curriculum throughout the country. By early 2014 our Gold Seal Centres will be the top performer in India.

Quality Control Implements Caring for Young Children Health and Safety Standards of the US, NAEYC accredition standards of the US and standards given to us by our corporate tie-up partners like IBM

We at YKROK believe in delivering quality services and education. Our operations team has SOPs implemented across centers. Each Centre has been specially designed to ensure quality at all levels. Each centre is assisted by a Home Office Management and Centre Operations Management Team composed of Curriculum, Customer Service, Admission, Administration, and Client Services Heads. They are assisted by managers in the areas of Centre Development; Employee Relations; Teacher Training Institute, Business Development; Strategic Operations; Budgets and Planning and Legal Counsel.