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Great Teachers Create Great Child Care

One of the first tasks that Bharat and Suman Kapoor undertook when we were launching YKROK was to visit excellent child care centers in the United States (New York, Washington, and Texas) and in India (New Delhi and Bangalore) areas and interview the teachers and directors in these programs.

We wanted to understand the essence of quality early childhood education in the USA as compared to India. We saw many features that were shared by the great programs — they were warm and inviting; they were rich with educational activity; they were filled with happy, engaged children. At the core of all great centers were gifted teachers who were motivated by a deep affection for young children and a desire to make the world a better place by being a positive influence in the lives of the children they taught. In our interviews with teachers in India, we learned of the hardships they faced in a field fraught with low compensation, insufficient training and support, limited supplies and resources, inadequate and sometimes unsafe facilities, and perhaps most disturbingly, little respect for the work they do.

We concluded that only great teachers could create great child care. This assumption has stood the test of 8 years, nearly 15 centers, operations in three states, and the experience of parenting two children of our own who have all graduated from Your Kids ‘R’ Our Kids. We have focused intensely on becoming the employer of choice in our field. We pay better and we offer better benefits than are typical in the industry; we have superb facilities; and we provide
state-of-the-art resources and training to faculty.

We try to show appreciation for the work of teaching young children. We give teachers opportunities to develop in their careers. While far from perfect, we work hard to create a culture in which every teacher can be exceedingly proud of being an early childhood educator. Through hard work, deep respect for employee needs and concerns, and honest communication, we have earned the reputation as a great place for teachers and all employees. Almost every other accomplishment rests on this foundation.

In 2008, 2009, and 2010 were once again named NASSCOM association’s “100 Best Companies to Work for in IBM.” This award was given to IBM for their contribution towards child care.

Because we have great teachers, we achieved parent satisfaction scores of 98.3%, the highest in our history and up from 98.1% the year prior. Because
parents need and appreciate great child care, we continue to be successful in working with employers to create child care centers that serve the workplace. And because this partnership with employers brings additional resources to bear, we can offer teachers the compensation and resources that reinforce our status as a great place to work.


This is the criteria related to qualifications of teaching staff (teachers and assistant teachers/teaching assistants)
Teachers must meet one of the following:

  • Have a minimum of Child Development Associate or equivalent
  • Be working on an Associate's or higher degree in early childhood education, child development/family studies, early childhood special education, or elementary education with a concentration in early childhood education or the equivalent
  • Have a degree (Associate's or higher) outside of the early childhood field and 3 or more years work experience in a recognized Pre School or Kindergarten program
  • Have a degree (Associate's or higher) outside of the early childhood field with 3 or more years work experience in a recognized Pre School or Kindergarten program, and at least 30 contact hours of relevant training during that past 3 years

Assistant Teachers/Aides

All assistant teaching assistants must have or be working on a CDA or equivalent or an Associate's or higher degree in ECE/CD, or the equivalent

Openings in ALL shifts – Example Morning only, Half Day, or Full Day.

Candidacy Requirements for Educational Qualifications of Centre Heads 

Must have at least a baccalaureate degree with

  • at least specialized college-level course work in administration, leadership, and/or management, and
  • at least specialized college-level course work that addresses child development and learning from birth through kindergarten in early childhood education, child development, elementary education or early childhood special education

Documents meeting an appropriate combination of relevant education and work experiences as outlined in Table 2

Table 2. Alternative Pathways to Achieve Educational Qualifications of a Centre Head
Individuals who can provide documentation of having achieved a combination of formal education, experience and relevant training equaling at least 100 points by the values assigned below are considered to meet the qualifications identified in the YKROK Criteria.

Formal Education


Relevant Training/Credentials

Must be able to document educational experiences equaling a minimum of 50 points and a maximum of 70 points from this column

Must be able to document work experiences equaling a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 50 points from this column

Must be able to document a minimum of 5 points and a maximum of 35 points from this column

Baccalaureate degree or higher in early childhood education, child development & family studies, early childhood special education, or elementary education that encompasses development and learning of children birth through kindergarten; but lacking in leadership, management and/or administration


At least 5 years experience as a Centre Head that includes leading a program through for at least 2 years


College credits or training hours must be related to management knowledge/skills and early childhood knowledge/skills

1 college credit = 4 points

4 contact hours of training within past 5 years = 1 point

Baccalaureate degree or higher in educational leadership, management or a related field (human services administration, business administration, organizational development, public administration) but lacking that encompass development and learning of children birth through kindergarten


At least 3 years experience as a Centre Head that includes successfully leading the program




At least three years experience as a Centre Head in a Nursery School program during which IB, ICSE, CBSE accreditation has been consistently maintained.


Baccalaureate degree or higher in ECE-related field (social work, psychology) without 24 credit hours that encompass development and learning of children birth through kindergarten and without 9 credit hours in leadership, management, and/or administration


At least 5 years of experience as a Centre Head in a program not accredited by IB, ICSE, CBSE


Associate degree in ECE/CD


At least 3 years of experience as a Centre Head in a program not accredited


Baccalaureate degree or higher in any other field




Ensure the health, safety, and well being of the children and staff. Ensure a safe and healthy indoor and outdoor environment. Design and implement health and safety training and provide information to staff and families. Maintain positive relationships with families, children and co-workers. Ensure safety and supervision of children at all times by meeting physical demands of the position. Implement health and safety training, including but not limited to CPR, first aid, blood borne pathogens, universal precautions, hand washing and diapering procedure.

Follow emergency SOP guidelines. Mange the Infant Day Care program. Schedule, oversee, and document monthly fire drills and other drills. Documentation of Registered Nurse status. Experience working with young children required. Experience training adults preferred.

Administrative Assistant:

Manage the business, computer and communications functions of the center.

Recruitment Coordinator

The Recruitment Coordinator (RC) will be accountable for attracting, identifying, tracking and retaining candidates in designated regions.

Assistant Benefits Administrator

Responsible for insurance processing and administration of new hire paperwork, medical enrollments and Tuition Reimbursement program.

Human Resources Manager

The Human Resources Manager provides human resource specialist support to organizational leadership and employees and assists with the management of human resources to support business operations and strategic goals.

Supply Management Coordinator

Logistics, Supply Management, and Office Services function. Some of the major functions include supporting Senior Buyers, Managers, and/or Senior Directors as needed; coordinating and supporting programs managed by the department; maintaining and keeping contract database as well as lease database for office equipment; setting up quarterly business reviews with major suppliers.

CRM Administrator

The CRM Administrator is responsible for the day to day management of the company’s Parent Portal automation system as well as the company’s prospect and client databases.

Regional Manager

The Regional Manager manages the centre heads and ensures that their centers exceed, business performance goals, health and safety standards given by our partners. As the Regional Manager, you will model the corporate diversity mission by creating an environment that supports all people and accept responsibility for being the company’s representative to all of the families, children, staff and clients affiliated with their centers. The Regional Manager develops his/her own relationships with the client, key families and staff. Must have a BA or MA in ECE or a related field with 10-12 years of working experience as a Director or comparable management and supervisory experience. Must have multi-centre management experience.

Director, Client Relations

Based in home office or regional office, the Director of Client Relations manages effectively the ongoing relationships with strategic employer-sponsored contracts in a specified territory while focusing on enhancing and building upon existing relationships resulting in client retention and add-on business.
BA required. 5 years or more of direct Account or Client Relationship Management preferred. Must have strong analytical and client relationship management skills and work well in a collaborative environment. Must be able to communicate the values and mission of the organization and full range of services we offer in early childhood education and work/life solutions to clients.

Manager, Communications

The Communications Manager will be responsible for strategic development and implementation of communication efforts with a strong emphasis on parent communications, and media relations. To serve as primary media relations and communications support to YKROK operations and management team; training YKROK employees in the field on the basics of media relations and communications skills; and supporting YKROK client companies to develop customized media relations and parent communications plans for their on-site child care centers.

Property Manager

Managing repairs and maintenance programs, conducting due diligence investigations for potential acquisitions, make replacement and/or repair decisions for equipment, furnishings and appliances.

Operations Analyst

The Operations Analyst performs the quantitative analysis required for budgeting and financial planning of the company which includes the analysis of key performance measures in order to establish/monitor individual center and overall company performance. The responsibilities of the Operations Analyst entail the developing and analyzing of annual budgets, including developing and maintaining centre financial and operational matrixes which assist in the budgeting process and review of centre performance. The Operation Analyst assists and educates the operations organization in analyzing center performance and the impact of certain key financial variables. Other functions include communicating with senior management, operations, and corporate clients regarding information used to formulate budgets or related financial analyses as well as advising on pending tuition increases and maintaining tuition sheets.
B.S. in accounting, finance, or related field is required along with a minimum of 1-2 years experience in an accounting or financial analyst role. Other requirements include proficiency in Excel, excellent organizational and communication skills and the ability to work independently as well as in a team environment.

Vice President, Finance

The VP Finance oversees the daily financial affairs of the company and supervises all aspects of accounting and budgeting. The scope of responsibility incorporates the compilation and financial analyses of operations, including interim (monthly and quarterly) financial results, budgeting and short term forecasting, and taxes. Design, develop and execute the company’s financial plans, policies and accounting practices. Oversee the design and maintenance of proper internal controls over the financial affairs of the Company and its operating locations, including centres and regional offices, and involving coordination of efforts between field operations team members, property management and the sales/development function, to protect company assets, and to accurately reflect the true nature of Company financial results of operation and financial position. Oversee the technical accounting and reporting requirements for the Company’s operations and manage the team responsible for the maintenance of technical compliance. Oversee the preparation of consolidated financial reports and support the development of financial metrics for communications with the investing Venture Capitalists and lending community, as needed, for all PAN India operations.
Minimum 12-15 years of experience, including 8 years (industry) operational accounting and finance experience (preferably service oriented with multi-centre operations), with good technical accounting capabilities. Experience with department and individual management experience, excellent interpersonal skills, and high desire to work with a variety of people and constituencies. Position requires strong analytical skills, high attention to detail, good written and oral communication skills, and ability to synthesize information. Experience with systems implementation and modification including significant experience with financial accounting software. CPA or MBA preferred but not required.


Corporate Business Team: Minimum 2 years in Corporate Sales.

Branding & Marketing Manager: Minimum 4 years` experience in Marketing and Branding.

Business Head: Would be responsible for overall organization business targets.

Operations Openings: Operations Manager.

To manage the systems, policy, services/programs/practice, all operational aspects of the centre infrastructure as it relates to the staff, facility, families.

Operations SOP Manager

To develop the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Manual:

  • Ability to articulate complex ideas clearly and effectively.
  • Ability to take a position, support position with convincing examples.
  • Ability to present an argument by analyzing two sides of an issue.
  • Ability to maintain grammatically correct flow and format of an English Operating Manual.
  • Analysis of operational issues.
  • Must understand grammar rules.
  • Comprehension of textual material.
  • Critical analysis and interpretation of text.

Administrator (Male)
Would be responsible for the support systems of the branch including transport, maintenance and security.

Senior Training Manager