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Community Parents

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YKROK Welcomes Community Parents (Non Tie-Up Companies and Residential Communities)

Admission Process – If your current company does not have a corporate tie up with YKROK, you can still enroll as a Community Parent. Here is the Process!

1.Online Enquiry to customerservice@ykrok.in or Center Visit: Details of the child and parents are recorded in the Pre Application Form.

2.Center walk through and discussions with the Center Head: Discussions around care, curriculum, Standards, health and hygiene or any other issue that the Parent needs to discuss.

3.Admission Form: The admission form can be collected along with Child Care Contract after the parent is comfortable with the infrastructure, curriculum, Standards, teacher and day care quality.

4.Parent Interaction & completion of admission forms: A parent interaction and takes places to ascertain needs and services. A formal admission offer is made after formalities are completed after this.

5.Settlement Phase In discussion and process: For full day care and after schooling, a settlement phase in period of one week is part of the admission process. Parents are expected to spend time during the first week of the settlement process when the child adapts to the new environment.

If you have enrolled your child at Your Kids ‘R’ Our Kids, and your current company does not have a corporate tie up with YKROK, you may be losing on the benefits which other parents enjoy. The typical benefits of corporate tie up partnership for parents are:

  • Promotional Fee Structure
  • Enhanced Peace of Mind as your HR and other related functions are monitoring programs at YKROK
  • Company Specific Customizations & many more

Each corporate tie up is customized for the client; we can offer practical solutions for any organization, regardless of size or industry. We work with employers in a wide range of industries, including financial services, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, health care, higher education, technology, law, government, entertainment, and nonprofits, among many others.