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benefits of employee sponsored care

Solutions : Benefits of Employer-Sponsored Care

Since its economic liberalization in 1991, India has experienced dynamic and dramatic socioeconomic changes. The opening of the economy to foreign direct investment has provided an influx of opportunities for the people of India and businesses. With such significant growth and opportunity in India, Indian workforces are having a greater impact on overall global business operations and require strategic human resources practices similar to those in Western countries. Now more than ever, we are challenging employees to bring their very best to work. And, now more than ever, it’s important to energize, motivate, and engage the people who will sustain your organization through these challenging times.

By providing programs that allow employees to care for their families, you can position your organization as an employer of choice, as well as generate a powerful return on investment. By driving down turnover, reducing absenteeism, and increasing productivity on the job, employers find that their dependent care and work/life programs are not only an investment in their employees, but also an investment in their future business success.

" On-site child care is not really a cost — it is an investment in the future; it’s an investment in our employees; and it’s a statement of the kind of company we want to be."