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case studies

Case Studies


Amarchand & Mangaldas & Suresh A. Shroff & Co. (AMSS), the firm that advises the bluest of blue chips in corporate India, today drafting the new Unique Identification (UID) Bill for the government, rakes in annual revenues to the order of $100 million. It employs over 470 lawyers across five offices. It is the firm of choice for many of India’s top business houses including Reliance Industries, Tata group and ICICI Bank. Amarchand’s lawyers are often present in the most influential boardrooms mapping out the most powerful deals. Its managing partners are regularly involved in framing government policy and regulation.

The relationship with Reliance Group is just one example of his successes. “AMSS founders, was on our board. He advised my father and helped us start Reliance, and now his son advises me,” says billionaire Mukesh Ambani.” Shroff had capitalised on the liberalisation of the Indian economy and expanded the business. ICICI Bank’s Chairman K.V. Kamath.


Award-winning law firm AMSS has earned a reputation as an innovative, technology-driven, forward-thinking organization. The firm employs more than 470 attorneys providing a full range of services to domestic and international clients all over the world. AMSS practice areas include corporate and finance, intellectual property, litigation, and tax. AMSS operates on several core values: collegiality, teamwork, firm loyalty, diversity, individual satisfaction, fairness, and professional development. Commitment to the whole employee is embedded in the fiber of the firm, which has provided child care for its employees since 2010. Yet, AMSS actively pursued strategies for extending work/life benefits for its entire employee population, not only to remain an employer of choice, but to evolve their work/life program and continue to showcase their core values. 


AMMS previously researched the possibility of providing child care; At the moment there a lot of young mothers and mothers-to-be. The project was always in the pipeline, but now was an opportune moment to do, considering that AMSS has a sufficient number to make it workable. Launching a premium day care facility for the children of its working mothers in a bid to support and facilitate work-life balance. They hired Your Kids ‘R’ Our Kids Consulting Practice to evaluate what type of child care would best suit their employee population — both attorneys and staff. AMSS determined that a full-service center at its Delhi location was the best choice. When it opened in January 2010, The YKROK Child Care centre was the first of its kind in India, and AMSS is the only and first law firms in the country to offer an on-site full-service child care center.


  • Increased recruitment, retention, and advancement of working parents.
  • Extended the firm’s commitment to its diverse workforce .
  • Established the firm as an employer of choice and solidified their reputation in the legal industry .
  • Gained recognition, including being named Best Legal Companies to Work For in India” list, best law firms for women list, and Forbes “Business of the Year” .


Employee days saved in one year
Savings from reduction in absenteeism
Women who give up careers to take care of their kids. The Centre postponed such life changing decisions
Employee morale takes a boost, employees feel it is clearly a class apart and by taking this step has shown that it is so.

 SHRIRAM Spandhana


As one of the Bangalore’s, Premium Luxury Apartments. The apartment complex with all the state-of-art amenities, a huge complex located in the Domlur area outside Embassy Golf Links Business Park. At Shriram Spandhana, the visitors must turn tenants and tenants turn buyers in a highly competitive Residential welfare association industry where this is much choice to purchase flats. Shriram Spandhana continually strives to meet the needs of its working tenants as well as potential tenants entering their child-rearing years. Their excellent club-house and overall quality of life required an in-house Child care centre says Karthik Sundaram, VP, Shriram Spandhana Owners Association.


Offer full service day care services, Nursery and KG program and an after school program to its tenants at the key club house location.


  • Enhanced potential tenant competitiveness.
  • Strengthened culture by providing quality care for the children of its tenants.


Shriram Spandhana began this initiative by building a brand new onsite child care centre developed and operated by Your Kids ‘R’ Our Kids in Bangalore. The positive results have gotten them new tenants and the centre has a wait list from the first month.