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Solutions : Priority Enrolment

Corporate Tie Ups who subsidize the monthly fees for their employees can purchase priority enrolment slots. While our child care centers will be open to the community parents and employees across several companies, Your Kids ‘R’ Our Kids will offer corporate tie up employees priority enrollment consideration.


We have a specified system in place for priority consideration for new enrollment slots and ongoing priority when there is a wait list when the center are full. Once our child care center is fully enrolled, priority enrollment for corporate tie up families is defined as the right of first refusal on spaces vacated, up to the agreed upon number or percentage, when another child leaves the program or transitions to another age group.


Currently Priority enrollment is granted to all IBM, Accenture, CGI, Texas Instruments, LG Soft, ARM and several other employees. These employees are eligible to enroll their children without waiting in fully enrolled centers.


Please check with our Corporate Services team if your company is interested in purchasing priority enrollments slots.