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A Child Care Program Customized for You

Employers are focusing on their work/life practices in India to better recruit, retain, and support employees in this key market so they can maximize the impact on their global value chain.

At Your Kids ‘R’ Our Kids, our Corporate Services team can customize child care benefits to meet the needs of your employees and your company. Our corporate child care solutions include:

  • Corporate On-site Child Care Center Management
  • Corporate Near-site Programs

Solutions : On-Site/Near-Site CareĀ 

Bringing YKROK to You partnership Organizations

For over 11 years YKROK has designed, developed, transitioned and managed onsite and near site child care centres for companies. Our goal is to build customized employer-sponsored child care programs and lasting partnerships with organizations just like yours. Sure, there are other providers, but what sets us apart is our unmatched ability to manage and operate a cost effective and high quality child care center.

Experience and Ability

At over 35 centres across the country, we offer a range of programs for a variety of ages - from infants to toddlers, two-year olds to preschoolers, and kindergartners to after school kids. Our company is built on the devotion of our staff. YKROK Centre Heads and teachers work together with children and parents in an open, nurturing, learning-based environment where we respect the dignity of every child and parent that attends our centers. We specialize in helping employers develop the right child care programs for their employees. No other provider can design, develop and manage early childhood learning programs with greater detail and efficiency.

Quality Operations Infrastructure

YKROK has local, regional and national offices to provide the most effective client and childcare center support. Headquartered in Bangalore, India, we also have offices in Delhi; and Pune. In addition, there are Area Managers at the field level to support designated regions to closer manage at the local level. We believe the quality of staff is the most important component of an early childhood education program. The recruitment and training programs we have in place are among the best in the industry.

Tailored CurriculumTailored Curriculum

Our curriculum is customized to each age group - all finely tuned to be age and developmentally appropriate. As children grow, the YKROK curriculum grows right along with them. Children experience our seven custom curriculum programs: Infant, Toddler, Two-Year Old Curriculum, Curriculum for Preschoolers, Nursery, Kindergarten and After School. We follow the best practices to provide children with the finest early childhood education.

Business Model

a. On site:- the company provides the space and sometimes the fit outs as well but primarily the site is in the company premises. b. Near site:- the company by either guaranteeing priority seats(paid for in advance for periods ranging from a quarter to several years) essentially has the day care provider take space in proximity to the company offices c. Any center:-the company essentially ties up with the provider and its employees can choose to enroll in any center on a priority basis. 2. Corporate tie up:- Unlike the previous option here no contracts are executed between the company and the vendor, the company merely recommends the vendor to its employees and enjoys certain additional privileges as compared to the community clients. In this the commonest form is the any center model. 3. Recommendation:- In this case the company does not announce any tie up but nevertheless sends out details of the vendor having verified the claims and satisfied themselves with the quality of service and then leaves the rest to the discretion of its employees.

Risk Management

Our number one priority is the safety and security of our children. With over 11 years of experience, we have made continuous improvements using the latest technology to create the safest environment possible. From training to preparation, we have covered every aspect of risk management. We continue to actively pursue the best practices to use in our centres, always taking a proactive approach to risk management..

Customized Solutions

No two YKROK on-site and near-site childcare facilities are alike:

  • Each facility reflects the unique requirements and circumstances of our clients.
  • Our programs are tailored to meet the specialized needs of the employee population.
  • Programs are flexible in order to respond to our partner's evolving needs.

Near-site Child Care Solution

Companies who are unable to provide an onsite child care center due to space or cost restrictions can instead utilize a nearby YKROK centre to offer a child care solution to their parent employees. Typically within 1-2 KM of the workplace, YKROK is close enough to serve as an employer-sponsored child care center with nearly all the features and benefits of an onsite version. One of our Corporate Account Managers will work with you to implement our Near-site Program.

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