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Our Partnership:Testimonials

Anupama Vaish, programme manager, Work Life Integration, IBM India/South Asia said, “Work-Life integration is a key priority for IBM as it touches the morale, productivity and satisfaction levels of employees. The launch of the child care centre in Bangalore and Pune showcases IBM’s commitment towards helping its employees achieve a perfect work-life balance and enhance career success.”

“This alliance will help us amalgamate ‘Your Kids R Our Kids’ expertise with our technological leadership to offer a useful package to the children as well as working parents,” added Anupama IBM India, which has less number of women employees compared with its global figures, is aggressively pursuing various measures to fill up this gap.

Anita Guha, Head of Diversity, IBM India, told Business Standard partnering with `Your Kids R Our Kids’, As part of its initiatives of attracting, developing and retaining women in the company, IBM India has a dedicated diversity team which runs programmes such as IBM India Women Leadership Council (IWLC) and Women in Technology Initiative.

Working parents from Accenture gain a lot from Your Kids ‘R’ Our Kids near site day-care programs. There is no better place to get reliable, safe and convenient care for their children. This is why most organisations are now opening up some great near and on-site day-care centres for their employees children. To support our people who have responsibilities of taking care of children while pursuing their career aspirations at Accenture, we offer more than 100 seats with premier and best in class childcare centres over four Accenture locations and also have plans to scale up in all locations in the coming months.

The centres are carefully chosen after a comprehensive GAP and location audit to ensure a safe, secure and hygienic atmosphere to children of our people --- Rekha Menon, Executive Director, Accenture India.

How is Your Kids R Our Kids beneficial to companies in hiring such services? Says Nisha Gopinath, Senior Manager, Human Resources, Sterling Commerce, an AT&T Company

  • As a global enterprise software company, Sterling Commerce strives to employ the best person for the job. At our global research and development centre in Bangalore, Many times the best person for the job is a woman, but many women struggle with balancing working hours and available child care. Sterling Commerce has a tie up with Your Kids R Our Kids to help us attract more women workers who meet our job requirements. We see this program as key in helping us to meet our gender diversity goals, which is to increase and retain women employees.
  • Two of our company core values are to “lead in employee engagement” and “lead in efficiency.” This program helps us to achieve this by offering our employees peace of mind, knowing that their child is being safely taken care of by an organisation that is reputable and trustworthy, hence resulting is a more engaged employee. This also creates a happier employee, which results in greater company loyalty, a stronger commitment to our company and ultimately a more efficient worker. Employees also eliminate wasted travel time to and from the centre, as it is close to our offices. Additionally, we are less likely to experience employee absenteeism when recommending a centre like Your Kids R Our Kids, as it never becomes unavailable like a Nanny or Individual Care Giver.

What did Sterling Commerce keep in mind when hiring YKROK?

  • Investigate support for after-work hours and the centre’s availability on holidays.
  • Consider the travel time and physical distance from your company to the centre (the closer the better).
  • Examine the centre’s safety, space and hygiene policies.
  • Ask for qualifications of the care givers at the day care as well as the Caregiver to Child Ratio.
  • Look for the opportunity to collaborate, or give and receive feedback along with periodic evaluations about how your child is doing at the centre.
    Negotiate the best possible rates for your employees so that it is not only convenient, but also affordable.
"We have worked with YKROK to bring a viable child care alternative to our office. The child care programs reinforce with our lawyers and employees that we are committed to them as a whole person and not just as an employee. Anecdotally, we know that we have retained associates who would have left if not for the support the child care facility has given them in trying to balance a legal career and a family." — Mrs. Shroff, Managing Partner, Amarchand Mangaldas Suresh A. Shroff & Co

"We have given YKROK a set of health and safety standards and personally check across all YKROK centres these standards are implemented" — Dr. Pradeep Mudaliyar, Australia And New Zealand Banking Group Limited