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Day Care Program

3 Months - 6 Years

What will your child be doing? How do we prepare children for school and a lifetime of learning? These are important questions, and the answers truly set YKROK Centres apart. childcare enrollment

We challenge children at all ages - from infants to preschool and kindergarten- with developmentally appropriate programs based on skill level and the skills of typically developing children in each age group.

Our early learning programs are the product of years of research and input from leading education and childcare experts.

Our Day - Boarding Program (3 months - 6 years)

The child spends the extended day-boarding hours from 12.30 to 7.30 pm which is beneficial in enabling him/her to learn new things and socially interact with his/her peer group. The spacious, air-conditioned, colourful and attractive environment with lots of toys, games and extra curricular activities like Music, Dance, Martial Arts and American beds to rest. This facility is a boon for working parents and great for the children too. We are open year round. Our holidays are matched with our corporate partners who we have a tie up with.

A SMART way to care for kids.

learning programs

What makes YKROK different from ordinary Play Schools, Franchisees, Montessori's and Day Care? A safe, nurturing environment. Highly trained teachers that help children develop socially as well as intellectually. Age-specific programs, play places and personal spaces ideal for early childhood education. And unlike an ordinary daycare, our unique curriculum recognizes that every child learns differently and every child is smart.