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IBM Parents

IBM India has contracted with YKROK Child care centers for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age children as essential services for working parents at IBM.  YKROK will make strong working partnerships with IBM parents and offer warm, loving care in a safe and secure environment.  YKROK provide stimulating, developmentally appropriate learning experiences that contribute to the unique development of each child and prepare each child for formal school.  Programs will celebrate cultural diversity and build children's pride in their families and cultural heritage. YKROK will integrate children with special needs in our programs. ibm child

IBM Parents are welcome observers and contributors to our program.  YKROK has made available clear provisions for effective parent/staff communication and view ourselves as supporting IBM parents' lives. 

YKROK meets high quality standards for the delivery of child care center services and maintains them for the life of the child care center.  YKROK will cooperate with IBM India to  permit access to the program and facilities to observe operations and shall respond diligently to requests for information and reasonable advice or suggestions made by IBM. 

IBM employees and their families shall have the exclusive right to enroll children in IBM priority spaces at the Pune Centers only. For our Bangalore and Chennai centers, IBM employees can enroll in our in EGL, Bannerghatta, HSR Layout, Outer Ring Road/Marthahalli, Hebbal at Manyata Tech Park and Electronic City centers with discounted rates provided by YKROK but not subsidized by IBM.

In the event that no place is available for the benefit of IBM employees despite the priority enrollment facility or, after the priority enrollment period, parents of IBM children shall be entitled to place their child  on a separate priority waiting list, and thereafter, have a right of first refusal (subject to the rights of other IBM children on the wait list) to enroll that child in any priority  space which becomes available when another child leaves the facility, program or transitions to another age group. When openings occur, IBM employees on the wait list shall be given enrollment priority to the extent of any IBM priority enrollment spaces, before remaining slots are again open to the public. Each IBM employee on the wait list shall be given a minimum of ten (10) business days to respond to written notice of opening before such slot is offered to the public. Priority among IBM employees will be on a “first come first served” basis for available priority spaces, but siblings of an IBM child already enrolled  in a center will be granted priority for that center over another IBM child seeking enrollment for the first time.           

Care shall be provided for children ages 3 months through 12 years.  The first priority is to provide care for young children until they start school.  We have the capacity to serve children for emergency backup care as needed on a space-available basis.  We  provide school-age care for holiday/vacations and summer, and  after-school care.

We meet the following minimum standards with respect to ratios and group sizes.  If space does not allow group sizes below, they may be smaller.           


Adult : Child Ratio

Group Size

Infant (3m - 14 m)



Toddler (14-24 m)



Preschool (24-36 m)



Nursery/KG (3-5 yrs)



After School-age (3-8 yrs)




We  operate Monday - Friday from 8:00 to 19:30 (except for IBM holidays).  Policies in place to assure that centers will operate during inclement weather when IBM is open, so long as children and staff can be safe.  The child care centers will have flexible scheduling options that meet the needs of IBM employees.  We understand, it is possible that parents may request additional hours; if there is sufficient demand, we will make best efforts to provide for longer daily schedules.

Qualified staff recruited, hired and trained.  Each age group has at least one full-time trained/experienced teacher.  Competitive salaries and benefits packages offered lead to a stable, satisfied, and productive center staff.  An ongoing in-service training program for all staff is implemented

The safety and security of the children at the child care centers is a top priority. While ongoing, direct and constant supervision of children is the most important aspect of assuring their safety, other policies, practices and procedures are in place regarding the safety, security of children which is in accordance with international best practice.  These include, but not be limited to:  how parents and other adults gain entrance to the center and the kind of documentation required to authorize a person to drop off and pick up a child from the program.  We have adequate provision for health and hygiene, including having permanent full times nurses a paediatrician on call.

Materials and equipment purchased, is based on guidelines for developmentally appropriate curriculum from US programs such as Teaching Strategies and US Accreditation norms of NAEYC.  The curriculum support children’s development from a holistic perspective including cognitive, social, emotional, and physical, and health and well-being.  Preparation for school is an important criterion for our graduating children.

We understand IBM Parents would like to be very involved in knowing about their children's daily activities.  We ensure that there will be supportive of daily communication between the teachers and parents, both verbally and written; written communication on a regular basis.

We have a strong customer-service focus in place at each center.  We constantly adapt current policies and procedures or develop new ones that are specifically responsive to the needs of enrolled families.  Each  centre makes every effort to accommodate not only the work schedules of parents, but also expressed needs around programming, parent communication, and supportive family policies, such as sibling enrollment preference and family discounts.  We understand IBM has high expectations that YKROK centers will be of benchmark quality and will offer a variety of family-friendly program options.  YKROK leadership actively works to understand the current needs and anticipate the future needs of enrolled families in order to develop and evolve responsive center policies and programs.

Although IBM India does not have any role in the direct day-to-day operations of the YKROK centres, we have made best efforts to facilitate creation of a parent advisory board to ensure that the centers operate at the internationally best quality standards. If you wish to join this board, please get in touch with your IBM representative managing the child care initiative with YKROK.
YKROK shall provide 2  meals and 2 snacks for all children daily, all vegetarian. The price of food is included in tuition fee. If parents bring food from home, refrigeration and sanitary food handling practices is available.

IBM employees tuition rates will increase annually by the same percent as community slots ie, 12% 
YKROK’s Client Services Manager(s) for IBM India :   bharatkapoor@ykrok.in  and  sumankapoor@ykrok.in