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Our Nursery Program : Fun and Learning

For Ages 3 - 4 Years

Milestones we focus on in Nursery Program include: preschool/kindergarten programs

  • Patterning and sequencing
  • Simple math
  • Understanding size differences (big, small, short, tall, more and less)
  • Counting,printing and recognizing numerals
  • Verbally spelling and printing first name and introducing last name
  • Recalling events from a story
  • Speaking in front of a group of peers using the mike (show and tell)
  • Describing events in a photo
  • Attempting to spell and read simple words
  • Using problem solving skills in a group
  • Fine tuning large and small motor skills
  • Independent problem solving
  • Confidence in a school setting
  • Secure separation from parents
  • Reinforcing self help skills
  • Enhancing social skills with peers and teachers
  • Participating in the Pre School Graduation Cap and Gown ceremony, Annual Day, Celebrations /Birthday Parties, Sports Day, Miss and Master Competition, Grandparents Day, Festivals, Occasions, Special Visits, Appreciation Cards, Field Trips and much more.