Our Nursery Program: Fun and Learning
For Ages 3 - 4 Years

Young learners continue their journey of exploration and discovery in the pre-kindergarten classroom. Teachers help them apply their developing literacy and math skills through purposeful, planned learning experiences. The lesson plans used are the STEAM, Brain & literacy curriculum which we have to offer.


  • Demonstrating executive function skills by thoughtfully developing a strategy for performing a task and then finishing it
  • Classifying objects by color, size or shape and then reclassifying them by a distinctly different characteristic, which help to develop critical-thinking skills
  • Using math concepts by counting from 10 to 20 accurately and by grouping and regrouping objects


  • Remaining focused on a task even when other activities are going on around them
  • Further developing critical-thinking skills by solving problems and proposing alternate solutions without needing to experiment with or use every possible solution
  • Demonstrating social-emotional intelligence by controlling their emotional responses and considering a friend’s idea when it is different from their own


  • Offering to share materials and space with a classmate without encouragement or prompting from an adult
  • Beginning to suggest solutions to social problems in the class, which exhibits critical-thinking skills and social-emotional intelligence
  • Having longer-lasting friendships with more than one classmate and relating to other peers with the same interests

All programs are customized to your child’s progress, needs and age.