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Why Corporate Standards Matter

Your Kids ‘R’ Our Kids is committed to providing only the best to children, parents and our corporate partners. That's why we ensure our centres meet the highest standards of childcare quality. In India, there are no minimum licensing standards or accreditation standards to set the market expectations. YKROK partners with corporate’s that put high quality standards in the contract that are the highest level of care close to American NAEYC standards as feasible. For instance, in the US, corporate use NAEYC accreditation as a proxy for quality.

In India, our corporate partners do not have that possibility. Your Kids ‘R’ Our Kids is required to respond to detailed Requests for Proposals that set out specific high quality standards that meet the needs of their employees’ families. Many of the family-friendly policies and features at YKROK are a result of working in partnership with companies in several cities in India.

Western Companies operating in India fund only child care projects that meet high quality standards. For example, we are one of IBM’s childcare partners and have been given international standards to maintain. IBM funds only projects that meet high quality standards appropriate to each community. These standards for child care centres approximate NAEYC accreditation standards or meet local child care standards (whichever is higher).

What is the Current Scenario in India?

  • Day care in centres  is just at the beginning of being professionalized since traditionally care has been by relatives or in-home maids.
  • The typical classrooms are very crowded with many children per teacher.
  • It is not unusual to have desks and chairs for children as young as age 2.
  • Curriculum tends to be very rote with little opportunity for hands-on experience -- it is a very teacher-directed approach.
  • Materials are usually not within children's reach for them to explore.
  • Children are expected to read and write at very young ages.
  • There is difficult pressure from parents and schools to "perform" for school interviews/admission process by age.

Why Assurances Corporate Standards provides to Parents
Our approach to developmentally appropriate curriculum and ‘why’ and ‘how’ we focus on children's ‘active learning’ with the implementation of corporate standards offers important assurances to parents who are making one of the most important decisions in their children's lives, that YKROK standards is a mark of quality and the best possible early childhood experience your child will ever get today in India. YKROK is in adherence to a specific set of child development standards. Our programs undergo in-depth self-assessments by Corporates who inspect our operations and facilities, independent observation by our tie up hospital Fortis and Doctors, and approval by professional experts from corporates and our own SOP team. In general, standards evaluate the centre’s staff qualifications, parent communication, interactions, curriculum, health and safety, and administration.

Corporate Standards
Each corporate whether it be IBM, Accenture, CGI, ANZ, Deutsche Bank who YKROK has a partnership with has set its individual standard requirements. The goal of standards is to ensure a child's health, safety, and nutrition. These standards provide a high standard of quality to operate.

Accreditation - Standards from Association for Early Childhood Education & Development, India (AECED) and NAEYC
A number of international and Indian childcare organizations and agency’s have established quality standards that go beyond minimum requirements. YKROK has voluntarily decided to meet high international quality standards and has made a commitment to provide the kind of care, attention, and stimulating activities that you and your children require.