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preschool programs

Our Pre Nursery: Journey Begins for Formal School Readiness

Pre School (Ages 2.6 - 3 Years)

prenursery programs

Milestones focused on in the Preschool experience:

  • Mock Interview Preparatory Program for child’s readiness to join main schools on merit basis
  • Mock Interview Preparatory Program for parents readiness to face main school interviews 
  • Huge emphasis on socialization, and forming relationships with teachers and peers
  • Patterning
  • Sorting by shape, size and color
  • Understanding cause and effect and beginning to problem solve
  • Basic counting
  • Making predictions based on simple information
  • Recognizing own name and other letters in print
  • Showing a genuine interest in reading books with teachers
  • Speaking in front of a small group on the mike
  • Stage fright reduction
  • Recalling events from an activity
  • Artwork becoming more refined and beginning to resemble symbols
  • Participating in the Annual Day, Celebrations /Birthday Parties, Sports Day, Miss and Master Competition, Grandparents Day, Festivals, Occasions, Special Guest Visits, Appreciation Cards, Field Trips and much more.