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enrollment procedures

Speak With Center Head

Parents please contact the child care center to arrange an appointment with the centre to tour the facility. At this time, the centre head will provide an introduction to the program and physical environment and explain the enrollment process. During this visit, if you are interested in securing a space, the quarterly fees will be requested. Paying the quarterly fees will secure enrollment or paying the token amount and setting the start date.
Schedule & Flexibility

Admission Process –Here is the Process to enroll your child!


1. Online Enquiry to customerservice@ykrok.in and admission@ykrok.in or Center Visit: Details of the child and parents are recorded in the Pre Application Form.

2. Center walk through and discussions with the Center Head: Discussions around care, curriculum, Standards, health and hygiene or any other issue that the Parent needs to discuss.

3. Admission Form: The admission form can be collected along with Child Care Contract after the parent is comfortable with the infrastructure, curriculum, Standards, teacher and day care quality.

4. Parent Interaction & completion of admission forms: A parent interaction and takes places to ascertain needs and services. A formal admission offer is made after formalities are completed after this.

5. Settlement Phase In discussion and process: For full day care and after schooling, a settlement phase in period of one week is part of the admission process. Parents are expected to spend time during the first week of the settlement process when the child adapts to the new environment.


Programme Fees and Timings

HALF DAY 8:00 - 3:30 Includes Morning Snack + Lunch
DAY BOARDING EXTENDED 8:00 - 7:30 Includes Morning & Evening Snacks + Lunch + Dinner

AGES 3 - 12 YEARS After School, Afternoon Boarding
Extra Curricular Learning Five Days per Week 12:30 - 7:30 Includes Lunch + Evening Snack + Dinner
Extra Curricular Learning Five Days per Week 3:30 - 7:30 Includes Evening Snack + Dinner

AGES 3 - 12 YEARS Emergency Back Up Care 8:30 - 7:30 PAID DAILY

Door to Door Pick Up and Drop Services from Home, Office, School, Other Dedicated Spot SPEAK WITH TRANSPORT MANAGER PAID QUARTERLY IN ADVANCE

You want to know if we understand how busy you are. Most of our procedures at YKROK are set up to accommodate your schedule, including an easy way to begin enrollment. A number of the documents you'll need can be found in the  Enrollment Information Packet. Simply print, complete and bring them with you when you visit. Please email to customerservice@ykrok.in and admission@ykrok.in to receive the packets.

When it comes to getting to know your family, however, we do like to take some time to gain valuable insight into your goals and your child's day care needs. We will make sure to meet your needs.


These forms listed below must be filled out before the child can start. 

easy enrollment

1. Application for Admission: Child’s Record, Parents Information, Family Information, Language Background, Personal History, and Signed Agreement

2. Activity Participation Form

3. Health and Immunization History

4. Medical Emergency Statement

5. Pictures, Video and Liability Release

6. School Transportation Form and Vehicle Emergency Medical Form (if using transport)

7. Water Play/Splash Pool Permission

8. Nutrition/Food Program

9. Field Trip Permission

10. Authorized Pick Up Form

11. Parent Observation Record: What has the child learnt in the past before joining YKROK

12. Needs and Services Form