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Physical Layout

Building an Environment of Learning

Whether your child is enrolled in the morning, half day, full day program or afternoon boarding, he or she will play, sleep and eat throughout many hours each week in the same classroom. At YKROK, our children are always on the move! Our spectacular facility and rotation-based curriculum prepare them best for life-long learning.

We start with the basics − math, science, social studies and English language. Then we rotate your child through enriched learning classrooms with teachers who specialize in music, art, computers, dance, singing, pottery, and drama. The result is a fun-filled learning experience that fully engages your child across
all levels of development.

The way the learning classroom is laid out affects how your child feels about himself, how he relates to the staff and children around him and how comfortable he feels about playing and exploring.

The environment within a classroom also strongly influences a teacher's ability to carry out an effective program throughout the day.

At YKROK, we understand that your child learns best in an age-appropriate environment built to meet his/her needs. And, we have arranged the rooms in specific ways to support and encourage a child to explore.

We invite you to visit and get a firsthand look at our spaces. To experience for yourself how each age-specific classroom creates a sense of safety, security and stimulation - and to see how our teachers keep your child's room clean, attractive and comfortable.

A typical high quality YKROK centre has 6,000 square feet of indoor space and
accommodates at 50 square feet per child, equivalent to 120 children only.