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Schedule & Flexibility

Hours of Operation

Most YKROK locations operate between the hours of 8:00 am and 7:30 pm. We are open year round Monday to Friday, and match our holiday calendar with our corporate partners. We are open throughout the summer, and close for a week during the winter months.

Operating Schedule

The health and well-being of your child are our highest priority. As per corporate requirements, strict child-to-staff ratios, our one-child-per-crib policy and other health considerations, cannot be funded by day to day tuition. Therefore, we can only accept enrollments for a full-week (M-F) schedule based on advance quarterly payments. Emergency Back Up Care schedule is available for 1-4 days or 5 days or longer provided you have pre-registered and a member of our corporate tie up partners.  

Consistency in Enrollment

YKROK is committed to offering families quality programming. Our carefully planned programs and curriculum are designed with learning activities scheduled in the morning and afternoon for a full day and week of development and growth. When classroom schedules are consistent, learning objectives can be planned and delivered.

Just as important, consistency benefits children, teachers and staff by providing an environment that provides nurturing and enhances learning.

For these reasons, we ask parents to commit to maintaining schedules. In addition, we have created the following policies to help us keep our commitment to quality for all of the children:

  • Parents can choose either a full-week schedule with options of morning only till 12.30, half till 3.30 or extended day till 7.30 program options.  However, that schedule must be locked in and cannot be changed week to week.
  • Notification of Schedule Change - Should you decide to reduce your child's schedule, we require advance notice prior to your next billing date. In the event that notice is not given, your quarterly tuition will be charged and payment expected. If you decide to add to your child's existing schedule, YKROK requires a one-week notice and you can pay the difference in the amount. Additions will be handled on a space available basis.
  • Notification of Withdrawal from Program - Should you decide to withdraw your child from his scheduled program, YKROK requires a four-week notice, and if advance notice is not given, parents can pay for one additional month of fees to meet the withdrawal policy or the security deposit will not be refunded.