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two's program


(2 - 2.6 Years) Your Child?s First Pre School Experience

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Watching a 2 year old can be fun and exhausting. Children in this age group are filled with energy and curiosity about the world and a new sense of increasing independence. Two's are highly active and interested in objects and people. They're undergoing rapid development in many areas, and eager for attention to help them learn and understand basic things about how the world works.

YKROK Center's unique Two's Curriculum is designed to support and reinforce the independence your two-year-old exhibits. Our program provides the structure and guidance he/she needs throughout his/her day as he/she learns to share, get along with others and perform tasks that require a longer attention span.

Listening to stories, singing songs, playing games and doing art projects help develop language and vocabulary skills, as well as movement and sensory motor skills. The Pre School Program focuses on developing these skills and readying your child for his next step at YKROK Centres, our Nursery Program.